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What differentiates DarkAuto from other Vaults?

There are a few key reasons why DarkAuto differs from a large number of Yield Optimizers out there today.
  1. 1.
    Multichain yield optimizer
Earn the highest APY’s across 3 chains with safety and efficiency in mind. And DarkAuto will be developed on many other chains in the future.
2. Official Vaults & Candidate Vaults
DarkAuto has two types of vaults: Official Vaults and Candidate Vaults.
Candidate Vaults are pools that have not been audited by a third party but are only checked by the DarkCrypto DEV team.
Candidate Vaults collects a 1% controller fee and a 5.5% performance fee.
When the TVL of Candidate Vaults is high enough and they are audited, they will become Official Vaults.
It's important to note that using Smart Contracts, Tokens, and Crypto is always a risk. Please DYOR before investing.
3. Earn double multi-token rewards
In DarkAuto's Official Vaults, by providing liquidity on some decentralized exchanges (DEX), the protocols reward liquidity providers by paying them with multi-token rewards such as MSHARE, VVS, SINGLE…
The vaults then will automatically harvest the farming rewards and sell them for the other tokens in LPs. Each time this is done, the vaults will reinvest these tokens into LPs and deposit the LPs back on the farm on behalf of the user. This means that each day, the user’s deposit will earn more tokens than the last. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is! This is again the concept of compound interest at work.
By automatically selling reward tokens earned on arbitrary farms, and reinvesting capital into more LP tokens deposited back into the farm to perpetually earn more and more rewards, DarkAuto is capable of achieving astronomical compound interest rates.
Moreover, on Cronos chain, DarkAuto offers bonus extra rewards in DARK which can be claimed anytime (no lock-up)
4. Auto compound time
In DarkAuto, the auto-compound will happen every 30 minutes if the pending reward is at least $100. In case the pending reward is less than $100, it will be compounded automatically after a maximum of 4 hours.
Besides, the compound can be called manually anytime by clicking Compound on the vault interface.
5. Fees
For Official Vaults (except Zero Fees vaults), DarkAuto charges a 5% fee on each auto compound:
  • 4% performance fee
  • 1% gas fee (compound every 30 minutes)
  • No deposit and withdrawal fee
And 6.5% fee is applied to Candidate Vaults:
  • 1% controller fee
  • 5.5% performance fee
  • No deposit and withdrawal fee